Yacht Engaged In Trade (Yet) Dual Use Program… Now also availabe for EU owners and charterers!

Despite what some people may say not only is YET not over but YET is now available also for EU residents!

After helping Marshall Islands and Cayman Islands to open the YET path, Rosemont is yet again a major contributor to the development of the YET program.     
In collaboration this time with MYA S.A.M, the major Monegasque player offering the Long Term Rental program, and after several weeks of intense collaboration with the competent authorities, we are excited to officially announce the implementation of the first proper EU dual use solution.
Monaco and French Authorities have indeed officially confirmed that the MYA Long Term Rental program can be combined with the YET program, which widens the offer available for the users of the MYA Long Term Rental program, and extends the YET solution to EU owners and charterers as well.
  • Possibility to occasionally charter under the MYA Long Term Rental program
  • No need to place the yachts under TA upon arrival in EU waters anymore
  • No need to leave EU waters every 18 months period anymore
  • Program extended to EU owners
  • Program extended to EU charterers
  • Possibility to start charters in all EU countries allowing dual use
For more information on this new dual use solution please contact Janet Xanthopoulos at j.xanthopoulos@rosemont-yacht.com.

September 2019

Credit Pictures:
Monaco Yacht Show 2018 - Sabina Aliyeva