Seminar What's happening in the Med ? - Palm Beach International Boat Show - March

Janet Xanthopoulos, Legal Advisor and Head of Yacht Ownership and Administration at Rosemont Yacht Services, will be there once again to answer all your questions on VAT, tax and legal issues affecting yachts in the Med.
Janet will also co-host and moderate a seminar to enlighten US, Caribbean and EU brokers on “What’s happening in the Med” on March 24 from 8am to 10 am at Pistache French Bitro (101 North  Clematis Street Suite 115- West Palm, Palm Beach.
Topics evoked during the seminar will include:
  • Tips to consider before buying a Super yacht
  • VAT on charter
  • Customs formalities
  • New way of operating yachts in the Med : present and future Dual use
If you are interested in meeting Janet and or attending to the seminar, please contact Janet Xanthopoulos at or on: 00336 07 93 85 08

More detail about the Palm Beach International Boat Show can be found here: