Rosemont Yacht Services & Management webinars - Replay

You can find here the links to watch the different webinars in which our experts have participated. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact them directly here.

Yacht Restrictions in Ports during the COVID-19 with Janet Xanthopoulos. View here

Legal, Management & Insurance Q&A : What's changed and how we move forward, with Shelley Dowie. The panel analyses Legal logistics and safety precautions for returning crew and future guests. View here

How Guests and Crew are affected by COVID-19 moderated by Shelley Dowie. The panel discuss the effect of COVID-19 on yacht operations, management and logistics. View here

- Yachting Post Lockdown: Daniele Gasparin and other experts discuss the latest regulations in the Med, health & safety for yachting, recruitment update, port & travel regulations and insurance & covid-19. View here.

Update on COVID-19 Port Restrictions Affecting Yachts: Janet Xanthopoulos and other experts discuss updates on port restrictions affecting yachts in various jurisdictions including Monaco and France. View here.