Quaynote Conference – Palma Majorca – 30 April/1 May 2015

Harry Windsor and Shelley Dowie (DPA/CSO) will be attending both days of the Quaynote Communications Conference in Palma Majorca on the 30 April and 1 May 2015.
The programme is over two days and focuses on 2 distinct subjects, ‘The Future of Refit & Repair’ and The Future for Captains and  Crew’, both recognised as having a high-level of importance for those associated with Yacht Management and the land-based support mechanism offered to yacht owners and crew. Whilst having many years of management experience, it is important to note that both Shelley and Harry commenced their marine careers holding crew positions aboard large private yachts and experiencing many thousands of sea miles before taking up land-based positions and, therefore, have an extremely good understanding of the on-board routines and stresses associated with life as a superyacht crew-member.
With an emphasis on offering a high degree of support to the crew, Rosemont Yacht Management employs personnel with expertise in: Maritime Law and Marine Legislation; Corporate Accounts, Budgeting and Financing; Naval Architecture, Materials and Construction; Project Coordination and; Safety and Security Management.
We are in business to support the operation of the yacht and ensure the crew have the necessary time available to comfortably meet with the legislative requirements under which they operate and the energy to demonstrate to owners and guests how a yacht can be run and how enjoyable an experience it can be.
Harry and Shelley will be pleased to meet you, if you are attending the conference and can be contacted as follows:
Harry Windsor – h.windsor@rosemont-yacht.com - +33 680 862999
Shelley Dowie – s.dowie@rosemont-yacht.com - +33 640 61 08 15