14 November 2019: PYA Conference at IMS Shipyard

Daniele Gasparin, Safety Manager, will attend PYA’s event on Thursday 14th November in IMS Shipyard (Toulon). He will be giving a talk on the new EU Regulation of Inventory of Hazadous Materials (IHM) together with RINA.

Dedicated to Captains & Crew,and open to all PYA members who wish to attend, the event will allow industry’s experts to discuss how to be compliant with the new EU Regulation on Hazardous Materials, the requirements for the MCA’s Officer Of the Watch Certificate of Competency and guidelines on the French Social Security system. Discover the full programme: https://www.pya.org/News/PYA-Conference-at-IMS-Shipyard.aspx
For more information, or if you want to catch up with Daniele during the event, please contact him: d.gasparin@rosemont-yacht.com

Credit Pictures: PYA