Yacht Crew Administration

Rosemont Yacht Services & Management will assist yacht Owners from the outset with the recruitment and management of the necessary qualified crew to meet the minimum safe manning requirements for the vessel.

Using dedicated crew recruitment companies, personnel will be selected, contracted and employed, in compliance with the standards laid down in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC regulations 2006) and in accordance with Flag Administration policies.
  • Sourcing, interviewing and selecting suitably qualified and experienced Captains and assisting them with the crewing of the yacht in accordance with the Minimum Safe Manning requirements;
  • Verification of validity of crew certificates and employment-related documentation;
  • Application for endorsements and other crew documentation from the Flag Administration;
  • Issue of a Flag Administration approved Seafarer’s Employment Agreement by Rosemont Yacht Services or an MLC accredited payroll company;
  • Payment of crew salaries and issue salary slips;
  • Administration of crew contract-related matters;
  • Comparison of quotes and arrangement of crew medical and accident insurance policies;
  • Assistance with crew-related insurance claims.

Technical documentation