Technical Management and Support for Yachts

Maintaining a yacht in top class condition requires expert knowledge of the systems and the environment in which they operate. Overseeing time-efficient shipyard periods and limiting the incidents of breakdowns or unplanned maintenance will optimise the operational periods enjoyed by the yacht. The technical personnel will support the yacht to achieve the highest possible standards of maintenance, within the confines of the approved budget.

Rosemont Yacht Management's technical and safety staff will operate in tandem to ensure the maintenance and servicing of all safety-related equipment is prioritised and in compliance with the requirements of Classification Society and Flag Administration at all times.
  • Comparison of quotes and arrangement of Hull & Machinery, P&I and other compulsory insurance policies;
  • Liaison with Flag Administration and Classification Society surveyors for the performance of statutory surveys and the continued technical compliance of the yacht;
  • Set-up of a planned maintenance system in conjunction with the vessel's engineering department and in accordance with equipment manufacturers recommendations to ensure against the likelihood of breakdown and unplanned interventions;
  • Support with the production of maintenance worklists and generation of specification for refit and repair works;
  • Analysis of quotations from shipyards, contractors and suppliers and negotiation on contract price, timeframe and penalty clauses;
  • Presentation of proposed works and costings to beneficial owner or their financial representative/s for approval;
  • Monitoring of works to ensure quality, timeframe and budget are respected;
  • Analysis and approval of shipyard, contractor and supplier invoices;
  • Assistance with insurance claims;
  • Management of aftersales issues and warranty claims.