Corporate Yacht Ownership (refer also to the Registration section)

Using a company, whether onshore or offshore, to own and operate a yacht (in comparison to registration under the yacht’s owner name) not only provides some privacy to the ultimate owner, but will also limit their personal liability in the event of a claim. The use of a suitable yacht owning company may also facilitate legitimate tax mitigation, as well as asset protection and estate planning.

Rosemont Yacht Services dedicated Yacht Team has the skills and expertise to advise yacht owners in order to define and set-up a tailor made solution in terms of corporate structure, flagging and operational mode for their yacht.
In this context our close analysis includes the following criteria; the VAT status of the yacht, financing needs, the navigational zone, the nationality and residence of the yacht-owner, the use of the yacht, its conformity to the various technical standards and international rules and the crew social cover.
Main EU jurisdictions:
UK, Malta, Madeira,
France, Italy, Cyprus, Monaco
Main non EU jurisdictions:
Isle of Man, BVI,
Cayman Island, Hong Kong,
Marshall Island, Panama, St Vincent
Jersey, Guernsey
We strongly  recommend yacht owners not to use an existing trading entity but an independent special purpose vehicle to acquire and operate a yacht.