Paris MOU Concentrated Inspection Campaign on MLC 2006

Every day several ships and yachts within the Paris MoU region are selected from the THETIS vessel database for Port State Control Inspections. All commercially registered yachts are eligible under the provision of the Paris MoU for Port State Control and as such may be subject to inspection.
Between 1.09.2016 and 30.11.2016, the Paris MoU will be carrying out a Concentrated Inspection Campaign [CIC] to address compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 [MLC 2006]. The targeted campaign focuses on specific areas where a large number of deficiencies have been identified by Port State Control Officers when carrying out inspections, or where a new convention has recently entered into force. The Concentrated Inspection Campaigns are combined with a regular inspection.
The inspection will cover all 14 areas of the MLC as listed on the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance [DMLC Parts I & II] and include;
1. minimum age;
2. medical certification;
3. qualifications of seafarers;
4. seafarer’s employment agreements;
5. use of recruitment agencies;
6. hours of work or rest;
7. minimum safe manning;
8. accommodation;
9. recreational facilities;
10. food and catering;
11. health & safety and accident prevention;
12. on board medical care;
13. complaints procedures; and
14. payment of wages.

The MLC 2006 came into force on 20 August 2013 and during the first 12 months, 46,798 deficiencies were recorded, resulting in 113 vessels being detained for MLC related failings. The highest deficiency categories were health & safety and accident prevention, followed by hours of work or rest.
Prior to 1 September 2016, Rosemont Yacht Management recommends that companies and vessel Captain’s carry out a full appraisal of their on board MLC documentation to ensure that the requirements of the MLC 2006 are complied with, and all records are correctly completed and readily available for inspection. Special attention should be given to hours of rest records, seafarer certification and complaints procedures.
In addition to the Paris MoU Concentrated Inspection Campaign, Rosemont have recently received reports from ship agents around the Mediterranean, in particular Croatia and Montenegro, where yachts are being targeted for Maritime Customs inspections when clearing in and out of the country. The inspections are due to a recent instruction from the EU. The main focus of the inspection is thought to be charter activities, ownership and VAT. Captains, Management Companies and Charter Brokers should ensure all related paperwork is in order.
Further information and advice on Port State Control or Maritime Customs Inspections can be obtained from the Rosemont Yacht Compliance Team