Monaco Yacht Management Services

Scheduled maintenance periods can prove extremely costly. How do Rosemont Yacht Services effectively manage refit and maintenance periods for the benefit of their clients?
Coordinated planning is key to an efficient shipyard period. We consider that comprehensive planning will lead to a successful refit, so our Technical team ensure that a detailed specification is written and approved well in advance of any works being scheduled.

Utilising extensive experience managing successful yacht new-build projects, conversions, statutory surveys and maintenance periods, our technical team will ensure each project is effectively managed and controlled by determining clear goals and expectations from the outset.

What techniques do you employ to optimise project success?

Maintaining open lines of communication with the Captain and crew maximises our understanding of the requests of the owners and requirements for the operation of the yacht.

To facilitate project programming, our Technical Department remains in regular communication with the yacht’s Engineers. This, in conjunction with the efficient in-house monitoring of planned maintenance records, enables the shore-based Technical team to effectively forecast and plan the requirements for repairs and servicing and, by sourcing the materials or spares needed prior to works commencing, this ensures the yacht remains in service for the maximum time achievable.

Throughout the season the shore-based Technical team will attend the yacht to gather information and work with the department heads to develop a comprehensive worklist quickly and accurately. From here the Technical Manager will write a detailed specification for submission to shipyards for quotation and the duration and critical path of the project can be assessed.

What additional Technical Services does the Rosemont Yacht Services’ Management Division provide?

In addition to the day-to-day Technical Management, Rosemont Yacht Services Technical team have the expertise to provide support and advice on insurance claims, warranty claims and Classification Society special surveys. In fact, some recent assignments analysing defects with paint coatings, glass and metallurgy have led to notable successes, resulting in substantial pay-outs or savings in favour of the yacht owners.

The Yacht Management Department provides in-house ISM & ISPS set up and implementation, MLC, DPA services, budgeting and yacht accounts and we also have specialist personnel who can oversee Class and Flag annual surveys, condition surveys, maintenance periods, repairs and modifications new vessel construction and yacht restoration projects from the outset through to successful sea trials and handover.

This article appears in English and French in the summer issue of the Monaco Seaside magazine