Antibes Celebrates Yachting event replaces the Antibes Yacht Show

The Antibes Celebrates Yachting event will take place this year on 24 and 25 April in replacement of the Antibes Yacht Show.

You will find below the link to the dedicated web site and program.

Janet Xanthopoulos from Rosemont Yacht Services will be speaking at a seminar during the event, and there will be several Q&A sessions.

The title of the talk will be: "Update on tax, ownership and registration: changes and expectations" and will include the topics below:
Rules for operating yachts within EU waters:  
  • Key considerations for choosing a flag
  • Key considerations for operating private and commercial yachts (whether these be registered under EU or offshore flags and be ultimately owned by EU or non EU residents).

Changes affecting the operation of yachts within EU waters. Amongst other matters: VAT on the hull, VAT on supplies, VAT on works, VAT on charter, duty free fuel, APA, delivery fees, temporary admission, importation, VAT paid status, VAT on the margin, new initiative. Looking at the following countries:

Outside of EU waters

Suggestions for a better “ yachting” future:
  • State of the yacht world from a Legal and Tax angle
  • One single voice for lobbying in Brussels and possible alliance with the jet industry
  • EU VAT harmonization and fight for keeping commercial advantages
  • New way of operating pleasure yachts: dual use registration schemes compliant with Port State Control (PSC)
  • New way of operating commercial yachts:  move towards shipping operation
If you would like to catch up with us at the event call us on +377 97 97 21 41 or email us at  to arrange a meeting.