2nd Mare Forum Monaco Yacht Summit 24 September 2015

2nd Mare Forum Monaco Yacht Summit 2015 will take place in Monte Carlo during the Monaco Yacht Show 2015 where again yacht owners, yacht builders, executives from the yacht, shipping and maritime industries, lawyers, flag and port states representatives, trading and brokerage companies, key investors in yachting, bankers, consultants and entrepreneurs, classification societies, marine equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, regulators, politicians and the media will gather to exchange views, visions and valuable information which will make this forum another imperative and meaningful event.

This is a niche industry, comparatively few yachts are sold around the world; even fewer are custom built. The conference will discuss the ins and outs of this fascinating business that makes dreams come true. The process of finding the right yacht, figuring out the size, finding the right crew, choosing the right insurance and finally financing the purchase strategically.

Janet Xanthopoulos of Rosemont Yacht Services in Monaco will be participating in the session "EU Legal and Fiscal issues – Regulatory issues – The role of Flag States and Port States, Review of Key Yacht Flags, PSC and MLC"

Discussion between speakers, session panelists, conference discussion panelists and audience participants will cover:
  • How to deal with new regulations for Yachts?
  • What’s new on taxes for Yachts?
  • Is VAT harmonization across Europe possible for Yachts?
  • What’s the Role of the Flag State Shipping Master
See more about the conference at http://mareforum.com/conference/2nd-mare-forum-monaco-yacht-summit-2015/

If you would like to catch up with us at the event call us on +377 97 97 21 41 or email us at j.xanthopoulos@rosemont-yacht.com  to arrange a meeting.