What is a Yacht Safety Management System (SMS)?

a. Every yacht managing Company should develop, implement and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS) which includes the following functional requirements: i. Safety and Environmental Protection Policy ii. Instructions and Procedures to ensure the safe operation of yachts and protection of the environment in compliance with relevant international and Flag Administration legislation. iii. Clearly defined levels of authority and lines of communication between and amongst shore and yacht personnel. iv. Accident reporting procedures. v. Procedures for identification of non-conformities in the System with provisions for corrective action. vi. Procedures to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. vii. Procedures for internal audits and management reviews. b. The objectives of a Safety Management System are to: i. Provide for safe practices in yacht operation and a safe working environment. ii. Establish safeguards against all identified risks. iii. Improve the safety culture and safety awareness aboard yachts. iv. Prepare personnel for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection.