How do I choose the best country of incorporation for my yacht owning company?

There are many elements to consider when choosing the jurisdiction of a company to own a yacht. The following important matters need to be thought about: • The nationality of yacht owner (EU or not EU / Less impact in Asia, importation has more impact than nationality); • The residence of the yacht’s principal user(s) and their guests (more impact within the EU (ie Spain or non EU yacht under TI with EU guests on board); • The physical characteristics of yacht (age, length and tonnage being particularly important / conformity with any commercial yacht code); • The existing registration of yacht (if applicable); • The availability of historical proof of ownership / title documentation for yacht; • The usage of yacht (i.e. private or for charter); • VAT or equivalent tax status of the yacht; • The area of operation and primary homeport/country of use; • Specific crew and operational considerations. Once these have been determined the choice of appropriate jurisdiction of the yacht owning company can be narrowed, and costs compared to enable a selection to be made based on the owners personal circumstances.